Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I think I would like the owners of our condo....

So, I knew that we would like this condo at the beach as it had a lot of the features that we look for-- 
First, it has lots of space to spread out- almost 1500 sq ft! 
Everyone gets their own bedroom
Ocean front balcony
Well equipped kitchen
TV's in more than one room- good for being cooped up on stormy days! (AND SO THANKFUL FOR THIS BECAUSE TROPICAL STORM DEBBY HELD US CAPTIVE IN OUR CONDO)
Pool, short walk to beach, nice neighborhood etc....
AND to top it all off, there was a strong Disney decorating theme throughout!!
And, we being self proclaimed Disney addicts, thought this we GREAT!
The best part was all of the other little hidden gems throughout the condo...I think I would like the condo owners if I were to ever meet them!
"You drink too much, you gossip too much, you have questionable morals...You're everything I ever wanted in a friend" Love this one!

Sound familiar to anyone?

Lots of space- AND comfy furniture too!

Some of the Disney in the dining area

This is DS's room- and it must belong to the owners son as well- a BEATLES room!

Loved the bright colors and that there is even a double decker bus print in the closet! Perfect for all the Boden hanging in there with it!

Not just Disney though- this is in the hallway to DD's room- love the Wicked Witch license plate (my other car is a broom!) May have to get one of those!

DD's room- which is the owner's daughters room as well. Lots of fun- Audrey Hepburn prints, purple walls and bright curtains covering the closet

DD hiding under the covers! It looks like DS snuck in there with her last night!

More brightness! Please ignore the DD's mess!

The kitchen- complete with Mickey cookie jar!

And VERY IMPORTANT- the laundry room (closet) but it even had whimsical touches!

The entry had all kinds of Disney items too- fun and functional!

Their sign says it all....

Even the knobs on the cabinet had been changed to be fun!
I love this place and so does the is destined to be a repeat destination for us...if we ever get over the trauma from Tropical Storm Debby!

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