Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to risk your life in a Tropical Storm

I must start this blog with the disclaimer that I did not participate in this activity, nor would I recommend that anyone try this!

We are vacationing just below Clearwater, Florida at this time which means we are also getting to experience the wrath of Tropical Storm Debby.  There have been multiple waterspouts spotted as well as rain wrapped tornadoes.  Luckily (for us) they seem to be coming in from the water closer to Clearwater so we have not had to seek shelter in the interior stairwell of the condo building.
Our balcony is facing to the north so we have been able to be outside and watch the antics of those that have braved the weather to be on the beach.  First of all, they are not supposed to be in the water (though there are no lifeguards near here to enforce this), there  is a $200 fine for being in the water.  The main reason is that the storm has increased the rip current and made being in the water especially dangerous.

There are people in the pool (where the pool furniture was flying through the air earlier), people playing volleyball and even some people way out in the water trying to surf.
As the rain was almost vertical, these kids climbed onto this very short pier and began jumping off into the water.

As you can see, this pier is really short, not a proper fishing pier at the fact that they were jumping off of it was even more dangerous! In fact, Tyler (who is 5 years old) said in his most serious voice "They must want to die".

  The person in the yellow slicker looked like an adult and we thought when he ran up he was going to stop them but instead he climbed onto the pier to cheer them on during their second jump!
They all lived to jump twice and walk away apparently unscathed. My husband said "I bet that they would love to have this pictures...maybe we will see them later this week...if the sun comes out!

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