Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tshirts made into a quilt?

Recently, I mentioned how much I would like to make a T-shirt quilt from the Boden t-shirts that my kids have had over the years.  I usually put mini Boden on eBay as it always sells so well, but when it is a cute little tshirt that both the kids and I have loved- I just can't part with it.
Not all of the tshirts are Boden as I don't think I had discovered mini boden when he was itty bitty...
A fave....of mine of course, dad didn't like it as much 
(and don't you love that hair!)

You can't read this one that well but it says "The Mighty Acorns"- which I have always thought was cute especially for us...

Covered in paint but one of his favorites!

Loved this one "Anyone for cricket?"

Another non-Boden but how can you not love a bright yellow tshirt that says HAPPY?!!

Not a tshirt but still a favorite- have it in blue too!!

This was a perfect shirt as he is always full of questions!!

just like what this one says!!
 and somewhere is a picture of his very first Boden shirt (which I still have) - it was brown with the crossed guitars...Loved that one so much!
Do you keep any of your kids clothes just because?????

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